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16-inch MacBook Pro with the new design is the Biggest 2019 Prediction



16-inch MacBook Pro with the new design is the Biggest 2019 Prediction

MacBook Pro lovers have lamented on the fact that Apple’s pro laptops have not evolved positively in recent times. However, the new MacBook Pro 2019 comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port which replaces all old ports.

The Thunderbolt 3 ports just like the controversial Touch Bar and the new keyboards on the 2016 models have divided fans, that is, some are not so much in love with it. According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, 2019 might come with a renewed breeze. 2019 might bring the biggest MacBook Pro in term of size since 2012 addition to a new design.

As the years progressed, Apple has pretty much-developed 13-inch and 15-inch sizes for its MacBooks, similarly as it has before produced 9.7-inch iPads. In 2018, nevertheless, Apple showed openly the new sizes as well as old ones too, launching the 11-inch iPad Pro. Kuo says in his recent investor note that, this will be an exciting development to the MacBook Pro line.

Indeed, 16 inches MacBook Pro would not be the biggest ever in history. For some reason, Apple has have realized that 15 inches are not adequate any longer. As per Kuo, the new MacBook Pro model could have a 16-16.5-inch screen.

Inquisitively, he likewise refers to an all-new design for the lineup. He didn’t broadly explain. Therefore, we seem to wonder what other things Apple could change. Edge-to-edge screens may be a specific idea, and there are even bits of gossip about Face ID authentication. Some people might as well make do with only a less fragile keyboard.

Kuo goes big as he predicts that Apple will bring a 31.6-inch 6K screen, which will be an exciting new for big screen lovers if this comes true. Apart from that, the screen highlight may be made use of mini LED-like backlight. This will be an intriguing change for Apple as they were taken out of the monitor market back in 2016.


Surface Laptop 2 and Pro 6 have arrived in India via e-commerce and retail outlet



With a lot of countries in view, Microsoft seems to continually see India as the key market for its next-generation Surface devices. The software giant, Microsoft, made mention yesterday the availability for its latest-generation Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 in India. Microsoft also declared that the two devices could be bought via e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and retail outlets like Reliance, Croma and other outlets.

The power of Surface devices together with Windows and Office connected through the cloud, users have the ability and are inspired by their choice of Surface device. Microsoft believes that the readiness of these next-generation Surface devices will provide amazing use, and improve productivity for its users.

According to Country General Manager – Consumer & Devices, Microsoft India, Priyadarshi Mohapatra, “The use of Surface is a great assistance for its users to develop their vision and dreams. The attractive and stylish device cords together our finest solutions to set free users’ creativity and to perfect their focus on enhancing their craft. He added that Surface will be the best buddy to users looking for discovery in 2019 and will bring their innovative ideas to existence.”

The Price of Surface Pro 6

Model              Configuration              Price             Platform

LGP-00015 Intel Core i5/8/128 ₹83,999             Online and offline

KJT-00015 Intel Core i5/8/256 ₹110,999 Online and offline

KJV-00015 Intel Core i7/16/512 ₹176,999 Offline

KJU-00015 Intel Core i7/8/256 ₹139,999 Online and offline

The Price of Surface Laptop 2 in India

Model             Configuration              Price              Platform

LQL-00023 Intel Core i5/8/128 ₹91,999             Online and offline

LQN-00023 Intel Core i5/8/256 ₹119,999 Online and offline

LQS-00023 Intel Core i7/16/512 ₹203,999 Online and offline

LQQ-00023 Intel Core i7/8/256 ₹148,999 Offline

A quick review of Surface Pro and Surface Laptop 2

Surface Pro 6 features a redesigned architecture under its cover that distributes astounding power, though the refined exterior may seem a bit familiar. The Surface Pro 6 is designed as an instrument of versatility, portability, and power and it is said to be twice faster than its antecedent.

Surface Laptop 2 remains a favorite as it provides exceptional performance for users looking for a stylish but conventional device. The Surface Laptop 2 is sleek and light, with good speed and performance. Microsoft brags Surface Laptop 2 as not just a mainstay but a style statement.

Initial reports showed a refrain of Microsoft to bring its early generation of the Surface listing to India, but in 2015, the company decided to explore the Indian market, with a declaration that it would introduce its Surface devices to the country. The India market was opened to Microsoft as the company in October 2018 made mention the launch of its latest Surface devices in the country.

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