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Sony collaborates with Seagate to officially license a new PS4 external hard drive



Sony collaborates with Seagate to officially licensed a new PS4 external hard drive

Seagate recently announced the launch of a new licensed Seagate Game Drive for PS4, which will be an external hard drive where users can store their files. Explicitly, the branded and unbranded Seagate PS4 external hard disk will be available in retail stores and online very soon, and it is priced at $90.

The introduction of a larger storage external hard disk has brought much excitement as PS4’s initially had to store files in fixed internal storage which had no easy way to upgrade it, therefore, if users want a better experience they had to purchase a new console that may have a larger storage capacity. The branded game drive is colored with a PlayStation logo which helps it blend with the console.

“We have thoroughly tried our new external game drive for Sony PS4, and these tests have proved the drive is enhanced for PS4 systems. The game drive has silky design feature and branding that works well with your PS4. The better part is the storage capacity that is how it has a massive increase. This gives you a chance to hold onto your most loved titles and add-ons and also making space for new games.” According to Seagate

Furthermore, the Seagate Game Drive is said to present up to an extra 2TB of storage expected to let users store up to 50 new games and can connect directly into the console via USB. Seagate brags of a game drive that will offer fast speeds which according to them, will make it seem similarly like playing on the Sony PS4’s internal drive. Also, the game drive is said to pair well with all the previously released models of the PS4 till date as long as it runs version 4.50 or higher.