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Rumors about Samsung 25x optical zoom Galaxy phone might come true as the company plans to acquire Corephotonics



Smartphone cameras have become favorites for many people as it gets better with the introduction of new technologies and upgrades. It is therefore not shocking the camera market has greatly decreased with unstable sales in recent times. However, smartphone cameras lack one crucial feature that is usually found in cameras which is the optical zoom.

As taking technology advances, 2019 could see smartphones have such modification as reports show that Samsung has almost finalized talks with the Israeli company, Corephotonics to buy the company this year. Corephotonics is a company that specializes in optical designs and news buzzing around indicates that there might be a 25x optical zoom in the pipeline.

Looking back to 2012’s Galaxy Camera, trailed by the 2014 continuation, neither of which appeared well and made sense – yet it’s in the Samsung’s Galaxy phones that the company has genuinely begun to succeed. For instance, Galaxy S9 plus has an excellent camera unit. Admittedly, the company has a long history with cameras and phones, together with different attempts to merge the two into one.

Phone companies normally digitalize zoom in their phones which is in the form of just cropping into the image to provide a zoom impression. But then, the digitalized zoom is limited with how it works as it is quite impossible to resolve distant detail without an optical resolution. Some companies have tried in a small way to solve this issues example is the 3x zoom in the Huawei P20 Pro, which is currently seen as the best solution.

It appears a lot more is yet to come. Recently, Oppo mentioned that they are working on a 5x optical zoom module, with a 10x zoom projected after. One uncertain thing is whether Oppo is getting these optical designs from Corephotonics or not. Nevertheless, if Samsung which is one of the largest and most respected phone brands in the world, can step ahead of Oppo with a 25x optical zoom module then that would make the headlines and set the company top of its competitors. Also, Samsung can use that feature to beat the camera market in general.

We all await the outcomes of the deal and its possibility regarding what it really for your future handset as there have been no verifications on the reports yet. In any case, it will be so great to see a 25x optical zoom for the next Galaxy phone.


Is Ethereum Battling For A Bullish Breakthrough?



Is Ethereum Battling For Survival?

With the level of cryptocurrency awareness currently on the increase and a lot of new projects coming up with better positions to displace the old ones, there is a need for the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization Ethereum (ETH) to fight for its life.

ETH is presently moving towards the $150 after weeks of leaving this price mark. It has shown that it is a force in the market by reacting positively to the positive volatility in the market. The present market is experiencing an increase in price bullishness and ETH is also among the altcoins that are gaining against Bitcoin and USD.

However, the presence of complement sites has shown that ETH is out to do all things to remain relevant. These projects are offering alternatives to what the Ethereum blockchain could attain. The Tron blockchain has now been officially listed as the number one dapp blockchain ahead of Ethereum. So, maintaining a continuous price change ahead of TRX, the Tron token could restore the confidence of Ethereum investors.

Also, the attitude of Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin who does not give out free Ethereum to the public had changed after the launch of Tron Arcade that provides seed fund for developers with its investment of $100 million in the project.

The controversy surrounding the release of Ethereum Constantinople last month and how it was postponed as a result of the position of some developers that other hard forks would be launched. With the understanding of what this could cost the Ethereum network, it was postponed to avert what happened to Bitcoin Cash during its hard fork in Nov 2018 from happening to the coin.

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16-inch MacBook Pro with the new design is the Biggest 2019 Prediction



16-inch MacBook Pro with the new design is the Biggest 2019 Prediction

MacBook Pro lovers have lamented on the fact that Apple’s pro laptops have not evolved positively in recent times. However, the new MacBook Pro 2019 comes with a Thunderbolt 3 port which replaces all old ports.

The Thunderbolt 3 ports just like the controversial Touch Bar and the new keyboards on the 2016 models have divided fans, that is, some are not so much in love with it. According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, 2019 might come with a renewed breeze. 2019 might bring the biggest MacBook Pro in term of size since 2012 addition to a new design.

As the years progressed, Apple has pretty much-developed 13-inch and 15-inch sizes for its MacBooks, similarly as it has before produced 9.7-inch iPads. In 2018, nevertheless, Apple showed openly the new sizes as well as old ones too, launching the 11-inch iPad Pro. Kuo says in his recent investor note that, this will be an exciting development to the MacBook Pro line.

Indeed, 16 inches MacBook Pro would not be the biggest ever in history. For some reason, Apple has have realized that 15 inches are not adequate any longer. As per Kuo, the new MacBook Pro model could have a 16-16.5-inch screen.

Inquisitively, he likewise refers to an all-new design for the lineup. He didn’t broadly explain. Therefore, we seem to wonder what other things Apple could change. Edge-to-edge screens may be a specific idea, and there are even bits of gossip about Face ID authentication. Some people might as well make do with only a less fragile keyboard.

Kuo goes big as he predicts that Apple will bring a 31.6-inch 6K screen, which will be an exciting new for big screen lovers if this comes true. Apart from that, the screen highlight may be made use of mini LED-like backlight. This will be an intriguing change for Apple as they were taken out of the monitor market back in 2016.

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